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Queue for the Waiting List

(Please note that at this present time, there are Social Waiting List memberships available or you can still put your name in the Queue if you would prefer.)

The first step to becoming a member of the club is to place your name on the Queue. The Queue is used to introduce a new member to the Social Waiting List, which is the official list to become a shareholder and is currently capped at 75 members. The cost to go on the Queue is $4,000 + $200 GST and it is non-refundable. When a position on the Social Waiting List becomes available people on the Queue will be contacted in the order they are on the list and given a limited time to accept the available position on the Social Waiting List. If they elect not to complete the Membership Application form, they can request to go to the bottom of the Queue.  If they fail to complete the Membership Application form (no response) within the time specified by the club, the application may be transferred to the end of the Queue.  If no response is received a second time by the club, the application may be removed from the Queue.  If a request to go to the bottom of the Queue is received a second time, an additional non-refundable deposit of $1,000 + $50 GST is required. It is the sole responsibility of the people in the Queue to advise the club of any change of address or other contact information. Currently there are 14 names in the Queue.

The following benefits will be available to Queue members:

  • Dining Room Access - payment through credit card only with no minimum charge.
  • Golf Access - #1) Provide one (1) pass for two (2) people per year to play the Main Course, allowing the Queue member and a partner to play with a member of their choice or that the Pro Shop staff organizes, subject to availability, as determined by the Pro Shop staff; and #2) Provide one (1) pass for four (4) people per year to play the Lakeview Nine, subject to availability, as determined by the Pro Shop staff.

~ Application for Membership Waiting List Queue ~

Social Waiting List

The Social Waiting List has been capped at 75 people. A social member will have the following privileges for 2017 and there are memberships available at this time. There are a limited number of Social memberships available at the Club.

  • 12 games of golf on the Main Course
  • Limited access to a number of club tournaments
  • Unlimited use of the Lakeview Nine and all our practice facilities
  • Use of the clubhouse and our food and beverage facilities

To become a social member a person will be responsible for 1/3 of the current initiation fee. That fee will be fixed once a person is placed on the Social Waiting List. When a person becomes #50 or less and then #25 or less they will be responsible for the remaining 2/3 respectively.

~ Application for the Social Waiting List ~

When a shareholder membership is offered the current transfer fee, which is set on an annual basis by the Board of Directors, will be payable.

2017 Rates

Initiation Fee - $33,000 + GST or $11,000 + GST per installment
Transfer Fee - $18,000 + GST

If you have any questions please call Dwayne Blume, General Manager, at 249-5548 ext. 223.